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Book talk: Africa: Why Economists Get it Wrong #LSE Friday 18 Sep, 6 PM

The event is free to attend, and there will be refreshments. There will also be copies of the books for sale. I will also discuss isues covered in my book on Wednesday 23 September at 1pm at the Overseas Development Institute.  The event is called: … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: Africa. Why Economists Get It Wrong

The response to my book has been an overwhelmingly positive. I always knew it would divide opinion. Alex De Waal did perhaps provide the most encouraging and ringing support with a review titled “Liberating African Economic History from the Tyranny … Continue reading

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A reading list for the data revolution

If you have sat through more than two conferences and workshops on the post-2015 development agenda or the Sustainable Development Goals (or tracked #SDGs or #data2015 on Twitter) you will be aware that there is a certain repetition of ideas. … Continue reading

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Reviews of Poor Numbers

It takes a little while, about a year, between publication and when academic reviews start appearing. Andrew Jack at the Financial Times was early with a review of the book before it was published, and Bill Gates similarly asked for … Continue reading

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Poor Numbers on Bill Gates’ list of best books in 2013

On his blog The Gates Notes, patient Bill Gates features Poor Numbers: How We Are Misled by African Development Statistics and What to Do about It on his list of “The Best Books I Read in 2013.” Gates writes: “Jerven, … Continue reading

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Africa at Dawn

That’s the title of a recent editorial in the Financial Times. The editorial recounts the recent data debates. Most importantly, the FT editorial highlights how important it is to debate data openly and freely and this  is in African countries’ … Continue reading

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A historian’s take on Poor Numbers

The coverage of the debate on African statistics continues, patient most recently in the Globe and Mail. I am also pleased to see that it is not only politics and media that gets stirred by the book. Recently, ed Poor … Continue reading

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Doing Bad….

I was asked by H-net Diplo to review Coyne’s book. Doing Bad by Doing Good is the title. Coyne takes his inspiration from Mandeville and the fable of the bees. If you know the fable you already know how Coyne’s book … Continue reading

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