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Book Talk: Africa – Why Economists Get it Wrong @TheNewSchool OCT 9 2:30 PM


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Book Launch: Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong

TweetOn June 4 at 6 pm I will present my latest book at SOAS in London, salve UK. The title is Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong. In four chapters I deliver a critique of how mainstream macroeconomic literature has … Continue reading

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Development by Indicators: Knowledge and Governance

TweetIn this workshop organized at Nantes by Boris Samuel and me on May 5 and 6, view 2015 we will investigate the role of indicators in economic development. We will explore how numbers structure knowledge about economic development and how … Continue reading

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Towards a new history of economic growth in Africa

TweetIs it only me who thinks it is a bit strange that the most  read book on African economic growth, prostate the Bottom Billion, and focuses on explaining why African economies are stuck in chronic failure of growth – while … Continue reading

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Measuring African Development: Past and Present – Special Issue

TweetIn 2013 the chief economist for the World Bank’s Africa region, Shanta Devarajan, delivered a devastating assessment of the capacity of African states to measure development and declared  “Africa’s Statistical Tragedy”. Is there a “statistical tragedy” unfolding in Africa now?If … Continue reading

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A history of economic growth in Africa: why measurement matters

TweetThe GDP re-basing in Nigeria again brought measurement to the center of debates on African economic development, just like it happened when Ghana re-based their GDP in 2010. There has been more commentary in mainstream media this time around – … Continue reading

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The History of Poverty in Africa

TweetAt the Heyman Center for the Humanities at Columbia University, shop Rhiannon Stephens is organizing what promises to be an excellent conference on the History of Poverty in Africa. Jane Guyer is giving a keynote on Thursday March 6, ailment … Continue reading

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