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Book talk: Africa: Why Economists Get it Wrong #LSE Friday 18 Sep, 6 PM

The event is free to attend, and there will be refreshments. There will also be copies of the books for sale. I will also discuss isues covered in my book on Wednesday 23 September at 1pm at the Overseas Development Institute.  The event is called: … Continue reading

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Five reasons why African growth is slower than the data tell you

One of the things my  book Poor Numbers suggested, tadalafil was that the rise of Africa might not be as impressive as the data tells you. The African Development Bank responded by saying there was nothing to worry about: the … Continue reading

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Is the FT Nit-Piketty?

The saga on the data problems in Piketty’s book continues. Giles responds to the debate that has been unfolding, and notes that the academic community has as a whole been rather forgiving of Piketty, but that in Giles’ view: Academic … Continue reading

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Economic data ‘came out of thin air’

No, this is not another reflection from my research on economic data on African economies, but the allegations by Chris Giles in the Financial Times against the inequality data used in Thomas Piketty’s bestselling book. Giles shows that Piketty has … Continue reading

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Reviews of Poor Numbers

It takes a little while, about a year, between publication and when academic reviews start appearing. Andrew Jack at the Financial Times was early with a review of the book before it was published, and Bill Gates similarly asked for … Continue reading

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A history of economic growth in Africa: why measurement matters

The GDP re-basing in Nigeria again brought measurement to the center of debates on African economic development, just like it happened when Ghana re-based their GDP in 2010. There has been more commentary in mainstream media this time around – … Continue reading

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Africa at Dawn

That’s the title of a recent editorial in the Financial Times. The editorial recounts the recent data debates. Most importantly, the FT editorial highlights how important it is to debate data openly and freely and this  is in African countries’ … Continue reading

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African Economic Data and Investors

The Financial Times  focus on what the recent Africa data debates means for investors. The Africa report maps that different statistical offices have reacted to the debates in quite different ways. In the blog Bottom Up Thinking the author notes … Continue reading

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