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Use caution when harvesting be- Flavonoids—A class of water-soluble plant pig- cause of the likely presence of bees quality 2.5 mg micronase. Side effects Sedative—A medication or preparation given to The sedative effect of lemon balm means that it can calm or soothe nervousness or irritability order micronase 5mg visa. Lemon depress the central nervous system when given in high balm has sedative properties. In addition, it has been reported that persons with Volatile oil—The fragrant oil that can be obtained glaucoma should avoid using essential oil of lemon from a plant by distillation. Persons taking any medica- ORGANIZATIONS tion containing thyroid hormones should not take lemon Herb Research Foundation. A physician should be consulted before taking Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. The Complete German Commission E Mon- graphs, Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines. Aside from folk med- icine, lemongrass is a favorite ingredient in Thai cuisine and dishes that boast a tangy, Asian flavor. While there are several species of lemongrass, Cymbopogon citratus is the variety most often recommended for medicinal purposes. Native to Southeast Asia, lemongrass can also be found growing in India, South America, Africa, Aus- tralia, and the United States. Only the fresh or dried leaves of lemongrass, and the essential oil derived from them, are used as a drug. Cymbopogon citratus, which belongs to the Poaceae family of plants, is also referred to as West Indian lemongrass. Not to be confused with lemon balm, which is an entirely different herb, lemongrass is considered by herbalists to have several useful properties, including an- tibacterial, antifungal, and fever-reducing effects. In one test-tube investigation, published in the medical journal Microbios in 1996, researchers demonstrated that lemongrass was effective against 22 strains of bacteria and 12 types of fungi. A study conducted in rodents sug- gests that myrcene, a chemical found in the essential oil of Cymbopogon citratus, may act as a site-specific pain reliever. Unlike aspirin and similar analgesics, which tend to alleviate pain throughout the body, myrcene seems to work only on particular areas.

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Each couple in the general larly when there is already a high level of suspicion of a population faces a risk of roughly 3–4% of having a child fetal chromosome abnormality quality 5 mg micronase. Many of these 76 GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GENETIC DISORDERS Amniocentesis may be performed to detect several types of genetic disorders buy 2.5 mg micronase otc. Here, a physician uses an ultrasound monitor (left) to position the needle for insertion into the amnion during the amniocentesis procedure. Babies with birth Early amniocentesis is performed before the thir- defects are often born into families with no history of teenth completed week of pregnancy. The results of the largest early amniocentesis trial, published in 1998, have Chorionic villus sampling caused physicians worldwide to reconsider the benefit Mid-trimester amniocentesis has been available for and risks of this procedure. Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) has The Canadian early and mid-trimester amniocentesis been available in the United States since the 1980s. CVS trial (CEMAT) is the largest multi-center, randomized is usually performed between ten to twelve weeks of clinical trial of early amniocentesis to date. It involves the removal of a small sample of of the trial was to examine and compare the safety and the developing placenta, or chorionic villi. It has been an accuracy of early (EA) versus mid-trimester amniocente- attractive alternative to amniocentesis, particularly for sis (MTA). In order to accomplish this, 4,374 pregnant those women who desire both testing and results earlier women were identified and enrolled in the study. Some of the benefits of earlier test- Ultrasound was performed in the first trimester to con- ing include reassurance sooner in pregnancy and fewer physical complications following first trimester preg- firm the gestational age of all pregnancies. Computer ran- nancy termination, for those couples who choose this domization was used to evenly divide the women into option after testing. Ultimately, 1,916 women higher risk of miscarriage than mid-trimester amniocen- underwent EA and 1,775 women had MTA.

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In addition purchase 5 mg micronase free shipping, regular practice of the TM technique has been associated with an increase in exercise tolerance and delay in onset of S-T depression in patients with known coronary 21 artery disease discount 2.5 mg micronase visa. As stroke is the third leading cause of death in the USA, and the most important cause of morbidity in the elderly, the potential impact of the TM technique on stroke prevention cannot be overemphasized. A longitudinal study of the effect of TM on stroke incidence in a population at risk is appropriate at this time, and the costeffectiveness of this approach and lack of sideeffects are additional reasons why such a study should be undertaken as soon as possible. The aging of the human nervous system, much like the aging of the entire organism, is considered to have a strong genetic component. However, neuronal loss and white matter ischemic changes can both be accelerated by long-standing hypertension. Thus, the TM technique by virtue of its effect on blood pressure alone is likely to reduce the incidence and severity of these age-related changes, and thereby reduce the incidence of symptomatic dementia and gait disability. Positive effects of TM on hypercholesterolemia and serum lipid peroxide levels have 22,23 also been demonstrated, and a study of biological aging—assessing a composite of physiological and biochemical parameters—revealed that TM practitioners are younger 24 biologically than their non-meditating counterparts. Parameters studied included auditory threshold, near point vision and systolic blood pressure. Added to the above data is evidence of a decrease in the neurotoxic habits of smoking and alcohol abuse, and 19,22,25 overall reduction of stress in TM meditators. Finally, Alexander and colleagues studied the use of the TM technique in the very elderly, and demonstrated an associated Complementary therapies in neurology 176 decrease in mortality in this age group, presumably in part as a result of a decrease in 26,27 vascular events. RASAYANAS AND DISEASE PREVENTION IN THE NERVOUS SYSTEM In addition to the backbone of Vedic medicine, the technique of TM, other therapeutic techniques and prescriptions described in the Vedic literature are primarily concerned with diet, lifestyle and interaction with the environment. Some of these prescriptions are specific for individuals on the basis of diagnostic techniques described below. Others are considered generally beneficial, irrespective of individual constitutions. One rasayana is an herbal mixture Maharishi Amrit Kalash (MAK), with its main ingredient, amla (Indian gooseberry). MAK has been 28–30 shown to have potent antioxidant effects in vitro, and inindividuals taking MAK as a 31 dietary supplement.

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