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In evaluating patients for hema- Erythropoietin tological diseases safe 25 mg aldactone, it is important to determine the hemoglo- bin concentration in the blood discount 25mg aldactone overnight delivery, the total number of circulat- ing erythrocytes (the red cell count), and the hematocrit. From these values several other important blood values can be calculated, including mean cell hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), mean cell hemoglobin (MCH), mean cell volume (MCV), and blood oxygen carrying capacity. The MCHC provides an index of the average hemoglo- bin content in the mass of circulating red cells. It is calcu- lated as follows: MCHC Hb (g/L)/hematocrit (1) Example: 150 g/L 0. High MCHC values do not occur in erythrocyte dis- orders, because normally the hemoglobin concentration is close to the saturation point in red cells. Note that the MCHC value is easily obtained by a simple calculation from measurements that can be made without sophisticated instrumentation. The MCH value is an estimate of the average hemoglo- bin content of each red cell. It is derived as follows: MCH Blood hemoglobin (g/L)/ Red cell count (cells/L) (2) FIGURE 11. Erythrocyte production in 12 12 healthy adults occurs in marrow sinusoids. Dri- Example: 150 g/L (5 10 cells/L) 30 10 g/ cell 30 pg/cell ven by the hormone erythropoietin, the uncommitted stem cell differentiates along the erythrocyte lineage, forming normoblasts Since the red cell count is usually related to the hemat- (also referred to as erythroblasts or burst-forming cells), reticulo- ocrit, the MCH is usually low when the MCHC is low. Ex- cytes and, finally, mature erythrocytes, which enter the blood- ceptions to this rule yield important diagnostic clues. One type of nucleated red cytosis is the presence of irregularly shaped erythrocytes.

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PETcould be regarded as a form of in vivo autoradiography except that the radioligand is not [3H] but [15O] aldactone 100mg otc, [13N] 25mg aldactone sale, [11C] or [18F], all of which have short half-lives (2, 10, 20 and 110 min respectively) and so the labelled ligand can only be prepared just before use. The positron emitted from the proton of the isotope collides with an electron in the atomic orbit so that two gamma-rays are given out simultaneously at 1808 to each other. Since the detectors only respond when they make two simultaneous detections, i. The intensity of the detected emission is colour coded and reflects the concentration of ligand (Fig. Of course, a low level of emission will be detected throughout the brain from the presence of the labelled substance and its metabolites in the blood and extracellular fluid, as well as that non-specifically located in all neuronal and glial tissue and such background activity must be distinguished from the more specific labelling. After its injection a labelled precursor should be taken up and detected in appropriate nerve terminals (and possibly cell bodies) so that the intensity of emission reflects the density of nerve terminals and the innervation. Using this procedure it has been possible to show that very little [18F] fluorodopa is concentrated in the striatum of Parkinsonian patients, compared with normals (Fig. Whether the label remains on dopa or is transferred to dopamine will not greatly affect the result since both will label DA neurons although some will occur in noradrenergic nerve terminals. The injection and subsequent detection of an appropriately labelled ligand can give an indication of the density of the receptors to which it is bound. Various ligands have been used in this way to label and measure the number of DA and 5-HTreceptors in schizophrenics (see Chapter 17) and the extent to which they are occupied by drugs used to treat the disorder. As with any binding study the validity of the approach depends on the specificity of the ligand for its receptor. Of course, there will always be the background activity mentioned above, but the extent of specific binding may be gauged by comparing the density of emission in any area where the NTis likely to function (e. The difference between these two levels should in fact increase as unbound drug is lost (excreted).

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Approximately 200 million sper- If the blood-testis barrier is ruptured by physical injury or matozoa are produced daily in the adult human testes order aldactone 100 mg fast delivery, infection and sperm cells within the barrier are exposed to cir- which is about the same number of sperm present in a nor- culating immune cells buy discount aldactone 25mg, it is possible that antibodies will de- mal ejaculate. In the past, it was thought that the Since sperm cells are rapidly dividing and undergoing development of antisperm antibodies could lead to male in- meiosis, they are sensitive to external agents that alter cell fertility. Chemical carcinogens, chemotherapeutic agents, tibodies may exhibit some infertility problems. However, certain drugs, environmental toxins, irradiation, and ex- studies of men who have developed low or moderate levels of treme temperatures are factors that can reduce the number antisperm antibodies after vasectomy and who have had their of replicating germ cells or cause chromosomal abnormali- vasa deferens reconnected have normal fertility if the vasec- ties in individual cells. Vasectomy does not ap- 658 PART X REPRODUCTIVE PHYSIOLOGY pear to change hormone or sperm production by the testes. Divisions and Become Spermatids The mature spermatozoon exhibits a remarkable degree Spermatogonia undergo several rounds of mitotic division of structural and functional specialization well adapted to prior to entering the meiotic phase (see Fig. The cell is small, compact, and spermatogonia remain in contact with the Sertoli cells, mi- streamlined; it is about 1 to 2 m in diameter and can ex- grate away from the basal compartment near the walls of ceed 50 m in length in humans. It is packed with special- the seminiferous tubules and cross into the adluminal com- ized organelles and long axial fibers but contains only a few partment of the tubule (see Fig. After crossing into of the normal cytoplasmic constituents, such as ribosomes, the adluminal compartment, the cells differentiate into ER, and Golgi apparatus. It has a very prominent nucleus, a spermatocytes prior to undergoing meiosis I. The first mei- flexible tail, numerous mitochondria, and an assortment of otic division of primary spermatocytes gives rise to diploid proteolytic enzymes. The spermatozoon consists of three main parts: a head, a The second meiotic division produces haploid (1 set of middle piece, and a tail. The spermatids emanating from a primary spermatocyte, two haploid chromatin is transcriptionally inactive throughout contain X chromosomes and two have Y chromosomes the life of the sperm until fertilization, when the nucleus de- (see Fig.