Book Reviews: Africa. Why Economists Get It Wrong

The response to my book has been an overwhelmingly positive. I always knew it would divide opinion. Alex De Waal did perhaps provide the most encouraging and ringing support with a review titled “Liberating African Economic History from the Tyranny of Econometrics

Africa: Why Economists Get it Wrong is a slender but important book. It is a charter for liberating African economic policymaking from the tyranny of econometricians.

Ian Scoones, Jeff Bloem, and Ken Opalo all wrote very nice reviews, and Opalo summarized it neatly in a tweet:

I was thrilled to see that the Economist reviewed it and followed up by a nice set of tweets.

I wrote something about the book for New African Magazine. If you want a taste of the introduction – go here – if you need to read an excerpt of the conclusion – click this – and if you want to hear me talk about the book you can pick between Owen Barder at Development Drums or Russ Roberts at Econtalk.  

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