Is the FT Nit-Piketty?

The saga on the data problems in Piketty’s book continues. Giles responds to the debate that has been unfolding, and notes that the academic community has as a whole been rather forgiving of Piketty, but that in Giles’ view:

Academic economists have got themselves into a bad spot if undocumented data, errors and tweaks are considered by some acceptable research practice.

Nate Silver also writes a useful commentary and relates the data problems to broader questions of peer review and replication. He provides a link to a website documenting articles that are retracted because of grave mistakes.

HT to Debraj Ray for the Nit-Piketty pun.

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  1. dwayne says:

    I beat him to the Nit Piketty pun!!! But I don’t blog so it was not seen.

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